How to stop your dog’s bed from smelling

Dog in his basketWhen your first purchase a dog bed, basket or dog mattress it will be lovely and warm for your puppy or adult dog. It is a great place to have available for him to rest his head when he has had enough of us humans and wants to spend some time by himself.

A washable dog bed, especially at puppy stage, is a blessing. It means that if there are any puppy accidents you are able to quickly wash and dry it out. However you must make sure the inner stuffing is completely dry for your dog before he gets back into it.

A dog who is taken out to a park or wood on his daily excursions, once trained, will love to be allowed to run around free and nose about; the different smells he finds will be an intoxicating aroma to your dog.

Dog beds however are not going to smell great for long if, on entering the home, the dog instinctively jumps straight into his dog bed after he has been rolling around outside.

If this happens you must not scold him, your dog will not know why he can not go to his dog bed straight away, take time to train him and, on your command, learn to stay just inside your back door until you are able to quickly rub him down. You could even make a game of it by telling your dog to ‘roll over’, before drying his paws with his own special towel, before he is allowed to enter the home and jump into his bed.

Some of the larger breeds of dogs are always slobbering. Their dog beds are bound to suffer from this natural habit plus, on inspection, you may find bits of dog bones in his dog bed, which is not very healthy.

A dog bed that has been manufactured in a way that allows it to be washed, or has a mattress that can be removed and washed, is well worth looking for when shopping around online.