How to teach a puppy to ‘give a paw’

The simple game of ‘give a paw’ is a great way to say hello to your dog and puppies love to learn.  It is a smart trick; your dog will find it fun and at the same time enjoy pleasing you.

What you need to do is to keep it simple. Kneel in front of your puppy and ask him to sit. Do not worry if it takes a little time as it is a game.

Touch his right paw and say right! Hold out a small treat in your closed hand.

Your puppy will either muzzle your hand or touch your hand with his paw.  If he paws your hand then praise him and let him have the treat.  If he muzzles your hand give him time and try again in a couple of seconds.

Do not worry if your puppy is distracted. Look into his eyes to gain his full attention and remember that puppies have a short attention span.  When you have his attention, use your hand to paw him and see if he repeats what you do.

Remember it is a trick so take your time and do not become impatient with your puppy.