How to tell when your dog is pregnant

There are some recognisable symptoms in dogs, just as there are in humans, when your dog is pregnant. They go through stages and display signs which you can look out for if you think that your dog is expecting.

Firstly, your dog will display some changes in appetite – dogs can get morning sickness too! At the beginning, your dog may not have their usual appetite although this will change as the pregnancy progresses and they will soon regain their appetite and start to gain weight. Your pregnant pet may be lazier than normal too, depending on the breed of dog. She may not feel like being as active as they had before with less desire to run or play as the hormone changes can affect them. Your pet’s behaviour may change as a result of the pregnancy and this is not as easy to predict. It may be that they become very affectionate or just want to be left alone. If you dog’s behaviour takes a turn for the worse, try to remember that your pet is affected by the hormones and that you should be patient with her.

Physical changes in your dog would be an increase in the size of their nipples as well as weight gain in the abdomen as the puppies start to form and the abdomen feels firmer.

When it comes to the final stages of your dog’s pregnancy and it is ready to give birth, the dog will become restless and often pick a spot where it wants to give birth. You should make this area as comfortable as possible for your pet and the puppies that are due to arrive.