Tips on housetraining a new puppy

Getting your puppy housetrained is one of the first challenges you will face when you first bring home the new addition to your family. Housetraining your puppy and making sure they understand to go outside when they need to relieve themselves should be started as early as possible to save yourself a lot of cleaning up!

The amount of time it takes to housetrain a puppy varies from dog to dog, so you need to ensure that you are patient. However, your efforts will be rewarded as your puppy should learn quicker the more time you spend training your pet. When you bring home your new puppy, let your new pet become familiar with your home and the his new surroundings before giving him some water and bring the dog outside to the area that you have chosen for them to relieve themselves.

You may have to wait a while for your puppy to ‘go’ so during this time, do not play with your puppy or distract them. However, as soon as your puppy has finished, ensure that you praise him excitedly and then walk the puppy back inside the house. From this point on, you should repeat this ritual at the same spot every time so that the puppy begins to get into a routine. It’s also vital to use a command at the same time to encourage the puppy. A command will also mean that should you be in a new environment, the puppy will still associate it with the same act, wherever you are.