How to train your puppy to ‘sit’

When your puppy has settled in his new home and is familiar with your tone of voice, it is time to start training him to the basic command of ‘sit’.

Getting your puppy to sit when family or a visitor is welcomed into your home is pretty impressive.  However puppy training does require a little bit of patience on your behalf.

Kneel down near your puppy and hold a treat in your hand between your fingers and thumb. Let him sniff the treat so you have his attention.

Raise the treat above his head so he can see it and then use the command ‘sit’. If he jumps up you will have to say ‘no’ and start again.

Start again and when you use the command ‘sit, you can place your hand on his bottom. Using your hand, add a little pressure for him to recognise the action you are expecting from him.

When he sits down then give him his treat with lots of praise.

If he forgets or is too excited then be patient and start again.

Do not command him too many times as he will become bored or full with all the treats he has consumed. Eventually he will not need any treats.

Remember to take his treats into account when you feed him or he will put on weight.