Invention of dog support harness will help canines overcome walking problems

Vikram Jashapara has made use of a past experience to deliver a new glimmer of hope for many dogs. The successful businessman from Hertfordshire has designed and developed a new pet product that is set to assist dogs of all shapes and sizes in walking correctly. This support harness can aid dogs who struggle with arthritis, old age or any complications that could affect movement.

The invention came about after Vikram experienced difficulties with Quincy, an 11-year old Newfoundland dog. Quincy contracted MRSA and, as a result, had to have one leg amputated. The businessman, who currently heads a rehabilitation centre for dogs, recognised the challenges that his companion was facing on a daily basis and felt that he needed to help. After a £5,000 investment and constant marketing on websites like eBay, Mr Jashapara has managed to sell more than 150 ‘Dog-Aids’. His marketing is now reaching new levels as the Dog-Aids support harnesses are in plans for major distribution.

The creator of this product said:

“I decided to develop this product and now it feels like I’ve created a monster.”

The innovative creation works through the distribution of weight. Adjustable buckles are fitted onto the harness, which connects both the dog and the owner. With the load being spread evenly, pressure from walking is reduced for the dog. With constant use of the Dog-Aids, joints can become capable and the dog can be as energetic and active as they once were. The price for one of these products is £150 and it can make a difference in improving problems with the spine, ligaments and hips.