Jennifer Aniston’s boyfriend can’t win over her dog

Meeting your girlfriend’s parents always used to be the toughest part of a relationship for any guy, as he has to win over her dad and her mother at the same time. However these days it’s more important that your girlfriend’s dog likes you, otherwise the relationship can be over before it has a chance to start.

Actress Jennifer Aniston is one such girl whose dog, Norman, is difficult to please, at least for her new boyfriend John Mayer.

Jennifer’s dog is a corgi-terrier, and just doesn’t like her boyfriend John no matter what he does.

According to a source close to the couple:

It’s funny because John likes dogs but for some reason Norman has taken a disliking to him.

Jennifer dotes on Norman and treats him like a child.

But she has got to the point where she’s had to keep him out of the way if John is around the house.

In an effort to get Norman to like her new boyfriend, the couple have resorted to bribing the dog with walks together. Hopefully for John, Norman will approve of him before it’s too late.


  • Jennifer Aniston’s inspiration from being a highly praised for her trendy outfit and sexy figure is Cameron Diaz. She is inspired by Cameron for her attractive looks and blue eyed blonde.

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