Liverpool ‘cleaning up the town’ of dog mess

A 3 month campaign set up in Everton has helped to highlight the dangers of dog mess and has removed over 700 pieces of dog dirt from the streets. This is the equivalent of a quarter of a tonne of dog poop!

Environmental operatives were commissioned by Liverpool City Council to take to the streets of Everton, armed with a ‘Ghostbusters’ style portable vacuum pooper scooper. The backpack pooper scooper sucked up the dog mess and then sterilised the pavement by using disinfectant.

Liverpool cleans up dog messThe council also marked with stencils and chalk spray where the mess was. The council’s enforcement team has access to the information so they can identify the dog mess hotspots and target culprits who do not clean up after their dog.

Michael Bowles, Riverside’s Neighbourhood Services Manager, said:

“We recognise that most dog owners are responsible and clean up after their pets, but unfortunately there is a small minority who turn a blind eye. Dog fouling is the most offensive type of litter on our streets and an issue which causes real concern among our tenants and residents. Dog fouling is not only unpleasant, it is dangerous. For that reason we are committed to tacking the issue.”

Cllr Tim Beaumont, assistant cabinet member for the environment and climate change at Liverpool City Council, added:

“We will not tolerate dog fouling. We aim to send a clear message that the minority of dog owners who do not clean up need to take responsibility for their animals and anyone caught failing to clear up after their pet will be fined. However, this campaign is about more than just enforcement. We hope to educate and inform residents. We will be encouraging residents to supply us with information on offenders.”

Following the success the scheme is due to start in other places throughout Liverpool, so dog mess beware – they ain’t afraid of no poop, and ‘who ya gonna call?’.