Make sure your new puppy gets some space

When you first bring your new puppy home, your family will probably be really excited and everyone will want to fuss the puppy, hold him or teach him new tricks. However, you must try not to put too many demands on a little puppy when they first arrive in their new surroundings – even all the cuddles and attention can be too much for such a small animal. Whilst an enthusiastic hug might be genuine affection for your new pet, your puppy may not be accustomed to this and may feel a bit threatened.

Make sure there is a quiet space for your puppy to retreat to when they want to be quiet, whether it’s a basket or a dog cage. When they are in this space, ensure the whole family understands not to disturb the puppy. Some people use a cage for this reason, not to confine the animal, but to give their pet somewhere to go when they are tired of the attention. Children in particular may struggle to understand that the puppy does not always want to play and you will need to be vigilant to ensure they give the puppy some space. Puppies can nip and snap when they feel threatened or scared and so you will need to give the puppy some alone time to keep the situation calm.

Of course, your puppy will still spend plenty of their time being playful and it is always better to use this playful time to try to teach your puppy the right way to behave, rather than having to use punishment to control them.