Mouth to snout saves dog

A golden Labrador retriever had a lucky escape when he was carried out by Wisconsin firefighters after a fire spread through his owner’s home.

Three people and three other animals had already been pulled from the fire, thankfully unharmed, but Coda had not been quite so lucky and the Labrador retriever had received mouth-to-snout resuscitation in order to help him breathe again.

Kim Carlson, the owner of the house, spoke to ABC News, telling them she was concerned her dog was sadly dead when firefighters carried him, limp and lifeless, out from the upstairs bedroom he had been found in.

Jamie Giese, Coda’s hero firefighter, was quick to help the injured dog. Giese cupped his hands right around Coda’s muzzle and started to breathe in to his mouth to aid his breathing. Other fighfighter members helped Giese by dousing the dog with cool water to try and help Coda regain his strength.

“The only thing we could do was mouth to snout. I didn’t think twice about it,” Giese stated. He wasn’t too sure how much time he spent assisting before Coda started to breathe by himself again, but “it felt like forever.”

A few days after this terrifying incident, family members told ABC News that Coda was now thriving. Carlson spoke about her dog:

“He’s perfect, he’s absolutely wonderful, he’s got a little bit of cough, and we’re assuming it’s phlegm from the smoke, but he did real good.”

Officials believe the blaze was due to a damaged box fan. This was very unfortunate timing for the fan to malfunction, as Coda had only been brought home by the family two days previous.

On hearing about this incident, veterinarian, Brandy Kosterman stated:

“These people definitely went above and beyond. There’s no question that the firemen saved this dog.”