Nutritionist develops dog ice cream to be sold in stores

Dogs are always curious about what their owners are eating whether it is a sandwich, chocolate or a biscuit, but thanks to the introduction of a new ice cream for dogs, canines can now indulge in their own sweet treat. Marie Sawle, a garage manager turned nutritionist, is the creator of Billy & Margot. The product is named after her dog Billy, who enjoyed venturing to the ice cream van near his home every time the high-pitched melody sounded.

Interested buyers who are hoping to cool down their dogs for the approaching summer can purchase Billy & Margot in Shrewsbury based garden centre, Dobbies Garden World. Despite the ice cream being displayed on store shelves in just one area for the time being, Marie aims to further distribute the product around the United Kingdom. Due to this ice cream being the first of its kind in the UK, it is set to fly off the shelves.

The Billy & Margot iced treat can be purchased in various flavours including apple, banana & carrot and strawberry & apple. The 160g tubs are available for just £2.99 and with added ingredients such as flax oil and Aloe Vera, dog owners can be sure that their canine is indulging in a treat that advances health.

Although this new iced treat is on the market for dogs, it is not created with milk or dairy products, due to the fact they can be damaging to a dog’s health. Speaking about the product, Marie said:

“I am very excited about the launch. Sadly Billy has since died but his constant companion, Margot, is still very much with us and combining their names to create the brand seemed the obvious thing to do.”