Owning many dogs

Even though you may love dogs, adopting more and more pets can cause complications in your household. Just as getting one dog is a big responsibility that should be considered carefully, every subsequent pet that you think about introducing into your home should be considered carefully. Introducing dogs to one another can be tricky as your existing pet may become territorial, or your new pet may be nervous and display signs of distress for some time before settling into your home.

Of course, if contemplating owning many dogs at one time, you must consider the temperaments of the dogs, their breeds and also the age of the pets. It would be difficult for example to meet the needs of breeds of dogs that require differing levels of exercise, or elderly dogs may be less tolerant of puppies in their old age and may prove very disruptive of their routine. Even if your dogs do get along when they are put together, remember that their behaviour may escalate as they live amongst other dogs and they may encourage each other in play fighting or mischief.

As well as behavioural issues, you also need to consider very practical things. The cost of caring for many dogs will obviously escalate with multiple vet bills and health insurance, not to mention daily food bills. In addition to this, do you have enough room for your dogs to comfortably live and move around in without getting on top of one another or getting in your way? All of this will need to be considered before you bring home another dog.