Choosing a kennel for your dog

If you are going abroad for your holidays, the chances are that you will need to leave your dog behind at a kennel. Unless you have a willing friend or relative who will take on your pet for the duration of your holiday, you are likely to need to find a kennel for your dog to board at.

Leaving your dog at a kennel can seem like a daunting prospect. Most owners view their dogs as very much part of the family and worry, as they would with a child, about leaving the dog behind and how the dog may feel and react. Certainly, dogs can react differently to being left at a kennel without their owners and can often be nervous, excitable or reluctant to eat at first. Whether your dog is the sociable sort or reacts nervously to their stay at kennels, you will still worry about your pet.

Finding a good kennel for your dog is the most important thing to give you peace of mind. Ensure that you have recommendations from people you know and trust, those who treat their pets in the same way that you would treat your own. Visit prospective kennels to see how they do things there. Do they tend to the dogs regularly? Do they have plenty of outside space to run around in? How many other dogs are kept there and how many staff members do they have on hand? The kennel owner should be happy to answer all these questions before you make a decision to leave your pet there.