‘Pedigree Dogs Exposed’ on BBC 1: the health problems of pedigree dogs

A BBC 1 documentary on tonight at 9:00pm looks at the dangers faced by pedigree dogs through breeding. The program claims that dogs are being inbred to conform to the ideas of beauty as laid out by the Kennel Club.

According to the documentary, which shows tonight on BBC 1, pedigree dogs are experiencing health problems as a result of in-breeding, including heart disease and cancer. So much so that the BBC is seriously considering its future for screening Crufts.

Pedigree Dogs Exposed” suggests that pedigree dogs’ vet’s bills have increased by a staggering £10 million per week as the dogs have developed more illnesses. Steve Jones is a genetics expert, who claims:

This breeding would be illegal in humans. There is a universe of suffering waiting for many of these breeds.

The documentary shows the chairman of the Kennel Club, Ronnie Irving, stating how he has bred his border terriers from grandfather down to granddaughter.

The Kennel Club insist that the breeding patterns are not harmful for pedigree dogs:

We will go on working for the benefit of pedigree dogs.

The program, “Pedigree Dogs Exposed”, screens tonight on BBC 1 at 9:00pm.


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