Potty training for puppies

Your new puppy is bound to be adorable and seemingly beyond reprimand – until you see the mess that he or she has made on the floor in your home. This can send even the most patient new dog owner into despair when they become caught in a constant pattern of cleaning their floor. Bad habits such as this can be hard to break and this is why, no matter how cute you find your puppy, it is never too early to avoid them developing bad habits by starting your potty training regime as soon as you bring the puppy home.

Much like a child, your new puppy will need some incentives to learn to do the right thing and there are various ways that you can encourage your puppy to learn not to make a mess in your home. Dog treats are highly effective when combined with encouraging words such as “good boy” or “good girl”. Offering a treat will mean that the dog will associate their well trained behaviour with some positive outcome from you. Alternatively, you can treat the dog with lots of affection when they do the right thing. An enthusiastic rub on the head or on the belly, will be welcomed by your puppy and demonstrate that their efforts at potty training are rewarded.

Although potty training is essential, do remember your puppy is still a baby and there are bound to be mistakes. Remember not to scold when this happens but simply continue to reward every time your puppy gets it right.