Puppies need more than a cuddle

When you bring home your new puppy you become aware of the responsibility you have taken on. In fact his life is in your hands and you are the one person who determines his way of life and his health.

When you have children you come home and make the house safe and child proof at a leisurely pace as your newborn baby would not be able to move around for a few months.

The same rules apply with regard to safety with this bundle of fun. However your new puppy will run and jump around in your home straight away.

Some of the simple things are easy to do such as clearing rubbish, moving things like slippers and making a space for your pet to have his own dog bed and bedding.

Buy him a small puppy collar, lead, food bowls, puppy toys and of course his pet food. Now we get to the more serious business of buying your puppy’s food for his pet diet.

When you purchased your puppy from the breeder, the dog breeder should have given you information on the food he or she has been giving your puppy.

If you are changing your puppy’s food it has to be done slowly to avoid upsetting his little stomach and be sure to use dog food designed especially for puppies, as they need high levels of vitamins to help them grow properly.

Your puppy will give you a lot of fun and pleasure, but to uphold your end of the bargain, you need to ensure he is socialised properly and gets all the care and attention he needs.