Puppy training starts with a dog collar and lead

Adequate exercise is important in keeping your puppy fit and healthy. The amount of exercise your puppy will need on a daily basis and as he grows up will depend on the dog breed.

A puppy should become accustomed to walking with a dog collar and lead from an early age. Choose ‘puppy’ dog collars and dog leads as they are softer than the adult dog range.

Let your puppy wear his new dog collar around the house before using the dog lead.

A puppy has a high level of energy that is waiting to be burnt off. Starting a daily routine of exercise and training with your puppy can be fun for both of you.

Take charge of training sessions and use two different tones to help your puppy know what you expect of him. A deep tone for a command and a lighter tone showing you are pleased with him.

Take your puppy for a walk and if he runs ahead or lags behind you can tug the lead gently to let him know what is expected of him. Give him time to figure out the rules. You might like to try puppy training classes to help with his training. As he grows older, it is important he learns to walk nicely on his lead without pulling or jolting his walker, even when distracted by other dogs.

Have plenty of patience as your puppy will tire easily. When he becomes tired take him home and tuck him up in his dog bed for a nap – he’ll get his energy back quickly!


  • Good advice,especially about getting the dog use to wearing a collar, as a lot of people put the collar on as they are going for a walk which causes the dog to get over excited.

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