Rules to help you train your puppy

It is very difficult to love your puppy and shower him with lots of attention and then train him to adhere to rules which will help with the running of the house.

If you have visitors, your puppy will expect attention and you have to teach him at times the attention will not be forthcoming as not everyone likes puppies.

Being alone at night and during the day as well can become a problem.

You will also have to decide the area he is allowed to wander through while you are at work.

Place a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs to limit his area.

Your puppy needs to get used to you leaving him so go out of the room for a little while and then for an hour or so while you go shopping.

You could also leave few small biscuits to distract your puppy. While he is eating some of the biscuits you can calmly talk to him and this will calm him down and he will start to recognise you will be returning.

Use only small treats so he will not have a weight issue.

Place your dog in his basket when visitors arrive until he is allowed out when you decide to introduce him.