Sad theft could inspire advertising ideas

A resident of East Falls in the United States had his inflatable Santa stolen during this Christmas season. Sean Dieter felt that his giant Father Christmas made a positive impact in his neighbourhood and was shocked at the theft of the eight foot tall object. His faithful dog Smarty Jones failed to raise the alarm. However, the photogenic dog appeared alongside Sean Dieter in his heartfelt appeal for the return of his Santa via the media.

For the photographs, Sean Dieter made Smarty Jones wear mock reindeer antlers, but the dog didn’t appear to mind. Such behaviour by dog owners is arguably somewhat controversial, especially if it is for protracted periods. It must be said however that there is no reason to think that Smarty Jones is not treated properly.

Whether or not Sean Dieter gets his Santa back, the story should perhaps inspire organisers of dog events. Advertising using pets can be highly effective.

It depends on the nature of the event what kind of advertising is appropriate. When it comes to choosing a dog breed for any advert, a Dalmatian can look very effective, for example. Other aesthetically distinctive breeds may fit the bill better, depending on the context – for example, the shih tzu, or llasa apso as it can be hard to tell, used in the Liverpool One adverts this Christmas time suits the advert perfectly. Sometimes one simply wishes to make as big an impact as possible, while on other occasions a more unusual breed may be preferred.