Top tips to enjoy exercising dogs in the countryside

Most ‘townies’, if you can forgive the term, will usually make the use of dog walking amenities close to home. When you take your dog to the countryside however, there are a few important things to remember to make your walk enjoyable for both you and your dog.

Keep the collar and lead to hand

It may be tempting to let your dog have a good run unhindered by a lead, but keep it with you; there are times when it is imperative to call your dog to heel and clip that lead back on. If your dog is caught worrying livestock, for example, the farmer is legally entitled to shoot at the dog. If your dog is very young or not very obedient, don’t let him or her off the lead until they can be trusted to obey commands.

Protect yourself

Although you shouldn’t, if you do stray into a field where livestock are present and there are signs that they are about to charge, let your dog off the lead to protect yourself. The cows will charge the dog leaving you alone; the dog will run to safety. People have been hurt trying to protect their dog. Never, ever go into a field where there are young calves and their mothers.

Clean up after your dog

Don’t forget other walkers will be using the same footpaths as you, take your poop scoops with you and use them.

One final word of advice! There is mud and muck in the countryside and some of it will end up stuck to your dog. Make sure that you take with you plenty of old towels to rub your dog down before he or she jumps back into your nice clean car!