Social Networking website for dogs

Websites such as Facebook and MySpace are very popular in the online world, with people being able to connect with their friends and family wherever they are. You can meet new people, share stories and photos and keep your friends apprised of your latest developments.

But what about dogs? There seemed to be a gap in the market for a social networking website for dogs and other pets. Not anymore, as has filled the gap. is a social networking website for pets and their owners, with the emphasis very much on the pets. You can upload your profile picture (so long as your pet is in the picture) and meet new and interesting dogs for chat, friendship or play.


The website isn’t just for dogs, with cats, parrots, rabbits and generally any pet you can think of being represented, though of course there are more dogs on the website than anything else.

Best of all, while Facebook has age limits so children can’t sign up, there are no such limits on (for the animals at least) so even new born puppies can sign up!

Check out the news report on, and maybe you and your dog can sign up too?