Spoiling your puppy

When you first get a new puppy, you will no doubt want to lavish all of your attention on it and buy it numerous toys and treats, spoiling your new pet. However, like everything else in life, it is important to have a balance when it comes to treating your puppy, though it can admittedly be difficult when you find your new pup so adorable and cute.

Rewards and treats are great for showing your puppy kindness. However, you need to set some boundaries to avoid overwhelming your puppy. For instance, they will need some toys to chew on and play with, but do not buy everything that you see – there are only so many toys that the puppy can handle at any one time. Also, you will soon begin to get a feel for the kind of toys that stimulate your puppy and that they enjoy playing with so you can streamline your choices. You may want to see your puppy in a little dog tiara, but the puppy may prefer a great toy for playing tug with!

There are rewards beyond material things that can demonstrate to your puppy that you care and will serve to improve the bond between you. Taking your puppy for a good walk and playing for hours outside will be just as appreciated as a new toy and keep your dog healthy and happy. More than playing with a toy, a puppy wants human attention and this will also help them develop more than a basket full of toys.