Stray dogs causes nuisance

stray_dog_1Well the sun is over, it was nice whilst it lasted but I was surprised as a dog owner how much dogs annoyed me over the sunny weekend. Of course it isn’t the dog’s fault, so you could say I was annoyed by dog owners.

I already wrote about the experience with irresponsible dog owners at a local country park but then I decided to go for a quiet lunch at a country pub for lunch on Monday.  Or at least I thought it would be quiet.

We were eating our lunch, minding our own business when we saw an Alsation wandering between the pub tables; she didn’t have a collar on but we thought little of it as she wasn’t being a nuisance to anyone; there were plenty of people about and we thought she belonged to one of the nearby tables.  Then one of the waitresses came over to ask if she was our dog.  The lady was obviously a little annoyed and was asking each table if they owned the dog.

A family then left their table and we spotted the Alsation standing on her hind legs so she could reach and scoff the leftovers!

Two minutes later, the Alsation had realised the waitress was the one clearing the tables and had the food so she was following the waitress, who obviously did not like this at all and left to go inside.

We could see the staff coming back and forth to the main door, eyeing up the Alsation and trying to decide what to do.  To top it all off, the Alsation then proceeded to empty herself in two separate places in between the eating tables.  Lovely!stray_dog_close-up

I’d like to think this was a one-off and that somewhere there was a desperate dog owner searching for their beloved Alsation but somehow I doubt it seeing as the dog wasn’t even wearing a collar.  It is irresponsible dog owners that let their dogs wander around and do whatever they like that gets dogs banned from places.

Take a close look, is this your dog?