Stud dog training for your puppy

It may sound a little absurd, but if your puppy is to be used as a stud dog then it is important to ‘teach’ him how to be a good stud dog from an early age and to start from as early as three or four months old or as soon as possible.

The first thing a good stud dog needs to know is how to read the signals and communicate well with a bitch.  The best way for him to learn this is to be allowed to mix with older, intact bitches.  As he runs with them, the bitch will nearly always put him in his place and thus he will learn to read their signals.

If he doesn’t learn this, it is possible there could be problems when it comes to breeding.  When a male and a bitch are put together for breeding, a bitch will normally signal when she is ready.  If the stud dog tries to force himself on her too early, then the bitch is likely to become aggressive and could even hurt the male.  When a stud dog has become accustomed to the ways and signals from intact bitches, he will have learnt what is considered acceptable behaviour and what is not.  Think about it as teaching your puppy how to behave as a gentleman stud dog!

In addition, common sense dictates that you should never correct your puppy from mounting a bitch or he may grow to believe it is wrong.  As and when he tries to do this, it is best to let the bitch correct him herself, which in most cases is what will happen.  If for some reason she does not correct him, perhaps because she is particularly timid, then you should calmly separate the two.