Ten-month-old dog has complete hip replacement

Stanley, or ‘bionic dog’ as many people are now calling him, has found himself in the limelight this month after undergoing hip surgery.

The 10-month-old dog breaks the record for being the youngest canine to have a full hip replacement after dealing with a rare condition. Now beaming with happiness, Stanley is able to walk, run and play just like a young dog should. This is a far cry from what the dog was once like, with his weight gain causing severe pain to his hind legs.

When Stanley’s owners noticed that he was suffering they took him to a local vet for an X-ray, which proved that the reason why he would haul himself from one area to another with his front legs was because he was battling Legg-Calve-Perthes disease. Despite his young age, the only way that Stanley would be able to run again would be if he had surgery completed. Although the surgery would cost £6,000, his loving owners decided to fund the procedure out of their own pocket just to see Stanley’s eyes light up once more.

Stephanie Tickale, who works at Maypole Veterinary Clinic in the Birmingham area, said:

“It’s not routinely done in dogs under the age of 10 to 12 months old because you normally have to wait for them to finish growing, but because Stanley was in so much pain we decided to take the risk.”

The risk paid off and the Cocker Spaniel is now bursting with energy. However, Stanley is now seeking out a loving home due to a change in circumstances within the family.