The dog, the cat and the pigs

Dogs and cats don’t often live together in perfect harmony – and dogs, cats and pigs never live together (outside of a Disney movie of course). However, one dog called Daisy, her friend Hector the cat and a tribe of micro-pigs called Nimrod, Manuka, Biscuit, Frenchie, Serge and Chinook all live together in perfect harmony.

The unlikely pals all share their home, their food and their playtime with each other in Cambridgeshire – together with their owner, Jane Croft.

Jane runs the ‘Little Pig Farm’ and she breeds micro pigs to sell to would be pet owners. Like some of the most expensive pedigree dogs, the pigs can be very expensive – costing between £550 and £1,200 each. The micro pigs are tiny, the size of puppies, and can even fit through the cat flap alongside Hector the cat.

Jane commented on the pigs:

They can’t stop playing with each other. They may be a handful at times but when it comes to feeding its like a well oiled machine… or maybe a military operation.

We have over 90 pigs here at the farm but Pip-squeak, Serge and Manuka are my own pets.

They are such a great pet to have around. they are really very loving. They come over for a cuddle regularly. And the breed is very intelligent. You can watch them work out simple tasks around the house.

The popularity of the micro pigs is growing in the UK (unlike the pigs themselves) as even Rupert Grint, Ron Weasley in Harry Potter, has been to Jane’s farm to buy two pigs as a present for his sister.