Things to consider before breeding dogs

People go into dog breeding for many reasons. There are many considerations to take into account before attempting to establish yourself as a dog breeder and it is certainly advisable to answer some essential questions before starting to breed your dog.

Firstly, why do you want to breed dogs? Cute looking puppies are adorable but do not be swayed by their appeal and, certainly, dog breeding is not a way to make ‘easy money’. Dog breeding can involve an outlay of costs that can be expensive with vet bills, dog food, equipment and stud dog fees.


Not only requiring an outlay of costs, dog breeding is time consuming and will take considerable focus, not only when the newborn puppies arrive and need caring for, but care for the bitch in the days leading up to the labour. Vet trips, numerous puppies, walking, feeding, all for a period of several weeks and you could find yourself with very little spare time on your hands – almost like having a child!

Without sufficient room, the whole breeding process will cause chaos in your home. Remember that, depending on the breed of dog that you are considering, the bitch could have up to 12 puppies – or more. You will need to comfortably house them all and all their bedding as well as providing a secure outside area for the puppies to let off some youthful steam.

Ultimately, knowledge and research is essential for the safe delivery and care of the puppies and it is this knowledge that you will need to pass on to the new owners of your puppies to ensure their ongoing wellbeing.