Top tips on training your puppy with a dog lead

puppy on a leadA puppy that is getting ready to face the outside world will require a light dog collar; let him wear one around the house before the big day though. Choose a well fitting dog collar that allows you to place two fingers underneath, without hurting his neck. This way you will know that the collar isn’t too tight for him.

Top tips on basic dog lead training:

1. Distract your puppy if he or she decides to try and get rid of the collar by rolling about on the carpet, throwing a ball or a toy usually does the trick. Do not take the dog collar off or he’ll think he’s won.

2. Next day, attach the dog lead and allow the lead to drag itself over the carpet, do not leave your pet alone to avoid any unforeseen accidents.

3. When you feel your puppy is not frightened by the dog lead, gently walk him around the house, maybe for a few minutes to give him time to get used to the weight and feel of the lead.

4. Over the next couple of days continue with the same routine, it needs to be enjoyable for your puppy, a small treat and plenty of praise will make him feel he has pleased you.

The next stage is to let your puppy follow you out into your back yard or garden with the dog lead trailing at the back of him, after a few moments pick up the dog lead and gently lead him around the garden and back into the house.

This is the stage where a puppy wants to be at your side; enjoy his company and train him while he is having fun.

When venturing outside the back yard or garden, your puppy will be nervous and may sit down, do not drag him or it will spoil all your valuable training, encourage him with a happy tone to come to your side.

Give him praise and move forward in a slow manner, stopping when he stops in his tracks or moves to the right or left. Try taking him to the end of the block of houses at first, each day the walks can be extended.