Top tips when clipping dog nails

For those new to the trials of dog ownership, considering clipping the nails of a dog can be rather daunting. Some dogs that spend a lot of time on abrasive surfaces may not require the task to be performed, but for some dogs it really is a significant priority. If you can get a lesson from a dog groomer or vet, it may be advisable to obtain it. Otherwise you will have to do your research thoroughly.

Here are a few top dog nail clipping tips for starters:

Required tools

These days there is a diversity of excellent dog nail clippers on the market. There are also trimmers and files. The breed of your dog may be important in influencing your choice. A special pen may be handy if you err in your clipping. It is worth spending a little time acquiring the right tools for the job.

Dog nail anatomy

Appreciating some of the finer anatomical points can make everything less problematic. There is a tough layer which covers the softer and more sensitive ‘quick.’ It is well worth learning much more about this aspect of the task before you begin work.

Begin clipping early in a dog’s life

As dogs do not usually welcome having their nails clipped, it is sensible to begin the process before they will get upset by it. Stroking their paws can help you establish trust. Gently pressing their nails between your fingers can facilitate further progress. Begin by trimming just a small number of nails per day and be sure not to take too much off. The use of soothing tones of voice will help to reassure your dog.