Vest designed to help dogs cope with their fears

Pet owners across the UK can now get their hands on a special T-shirt which has been designed specifically to help dogs relax.

The Equafleece, which has been labelled as a ‘hug in a T-shirt’, is a snug-fitting piece of material which can be used to keep canines calm.

Available in multiple colours, the Equafleece is thought to ease pooches of all breeds and sizes in a similar way to how babies are consoled with swaddling. The shirt is proven to help with breathing when worn two or three times per week.

This latest piece of fashion has been tried and tested on numerous breeds, including a Tibetan terrier from North London called Tate. Tate’s owner, Lisa, opted for the Equafleece because of his reaction to environmental disruptions.

Speaking about his behaviour, Lisa said:

“He panics if he hears people outside. The T-shirt makes him calmer.”

The fleece stretches from the back and wraps around the tummy. Oxytocin, the powerful trust hormone, is released in the body when the fleece is worn. Feelings of peace and intimacy help the dog loosen up and enjoy what canine life has to offer.

Kate Reeves, a dog owner from Shropshire, is equally as pleased with the stretchy product saying:

“I cannot believe how incredibly effective the t-shirt was in calming my very anxious greyhound.”

The fleece is suitable for animals who feel uncomfortable when around other animals or travelling in vehicles. The price of the Equafleece depends on the size and breed of the animal but starts at £13 for small terriers and Chihuahuas.