Watch the puppy treats

All puppies love treats of some sort or another, and they are particularly useful in training programmes.  Puppies love to earn treats as part of their puppy training.  However, it is important to remember to include them when checking how much your puppy has eaten on a daily basis in order to avoid having a overweight puppy!

Some of the more commercial treats are full of corn syrup, scraps of meats and sugar. Commercial biscuits which have less additives and sugar are the best choice. In general, the hard biscuits tend to have fewer additives and less sugar.  Listed below are some of the natural treats which are good for your puppy:

•    Bits of good quality, white meat. Chicken is a popular choice for many dog breeds, but be sure there are no bones.  When cooked, bones can become brittle and stick in the dog’s throat.

•    A small piece of fruit, such as apple

•    Try giving a piece of carrot for your puppy to chew on

•    There are also plenty of natural dog treats available although these are usually a little more expensive than other brands

Warning: never give your puppy or even an adult dog chocolate designed for humans as it is not good for them.  At best, they will experience stomach pains and it can be lethal.