What to do when your dog goes missing

No one likes to think about losing their pet dog and thankfully for most it is not a common occurrence. However, there is no harm in taking sensible precautions such as having a collar with contact details on your pet or having your dog chipped, but it is also a good idea knowing what to do should you lose your pet, to ensure the best chance of having your dog returned to you quickly and safely.

If you find that your dog has run off, try to stay as calm as you can to make sure that you can think straight and go about finding your pet in the most efficient way possible. When you head out into the neighbourhood to look for your dog, where do you normally walk your pet? Is there a particular park that you often go to? They are the most sensible places to look for your dog. You might wish to take a photograph of your dog to show to those passing by or if your dog has a favourite toy – particularly one that makes a noise – it might be a good idea to take that along with you on your search.

As time goes by, if you have not found your pet searching the streets, you should alert local vets, police, dog shelters and dog wardens. You may want to distribute flyers to homes around the area so that people know your dog is loved and well cared for and that if anyone picks him up, you want him returned.