You could be poisoning your dog

Every year there is a number of pet dogs who die due to owners not being aware of the dangers of poison.

Dogs who are left to wander around in bushes or rummage through rubbish in dustbins or in woods are the ones largely at risk.

In the home your dog could be the clever pet who can rummage in your pedal bin and find the old medicines that you have thrown away instead of flushing them down the toilet or disposing of them safely.

Rat or mouse poison that is intended to keep pests away from outhouses or yards can be a danger for your pet. Some poisons that are labelled harmless for pets should not be used near pets as they could still be dangerous to a dog’s delicate stomach; you just don’t know and it is better to be safe than sorry so keep your dog away.

If you think your dog has swallowed any poison, if you can, make him vomit and take him to the vets, in that order.

If you know he has just eaten you need to grab some salt, make a salt water solution and give it to your dog like a medicine; keep him warm and telephone your vet for further advice.

If your dog is sick while you are out walking it does not mean he has been poisoned, so don’t be unnecessarily alarmed just keep an eye on him.