First cloned British dog born

by Leanne Thompson on April 17, 2014

A caterer from West London recently won a £60,000 contest to clone her beloved dachshund, Winnie.

Rebecca Smith, 29, had previously made jokes about (more…)

London family celebrate pet’s return

by Darren Jamieson on September 4, 2013

A family from Clapham, South London, are celebrating after being reunited with their pet cocker spaniel more than three weeks after he went missing.

Four-year-old Fergus was snatched at Haxted Kennels, along with Sophie (more…)

Scientific dog study demonstrates spinal repair

by Vivien Richardson on November 21, 2012

For many years, scientists have been attempting to help paralysed people to walk again and a recent study on pet dogs has proven hopeful.

Jasper, a Dachshund, recently underwent (more…)

Dachshund found alive one month on from blaze

by Leanne Thompson on April 15, 2011

Lola the long haired dachshund was missing presumed dead after a fire at her owner’s house in Boston, Massachusetts, in February.

The fierce blaze had completely gutted the home of Terisa Acevedo and, although there was no trace of her beloved pet in the aftermath, she never quite gave up hope.

A month on from the fire, 24-year-old Miss Acevedo was called to the house by her neighbour, as her car alarm had been triggered.

As she was disabling the alarm, she heard a scratching from behind the front door of her (more…)

Dachshund goes scuba diving

by Leanne Thompson on July 6, 2010

Many dog owners like to take their dogs with them wherever they go, such as for a drive in the car, a ride on the bike or even in a hot air balloon – but how many people would take their dogs scuba diving?

One chap would – Sergey Gorbunov, a professional scuba diver from Russia. Sergey’s Dachshund, named Boniface, goes scuba diving with his owner and even has his own specially made ‘doggie dry suit’ and full helmet to wear while he’s under the water. Sergey insists that his dog really enjoys going scuba diving with him, and prefers it to watching while his owner goes it alone.

Sergey admitted that Boniface was nervous the first time he tried scuba diving, and didn’t seem to like his dog dry suit or his helmet. However, as the dog began to descend into the pool where he practiced, he began to enjoy it. Now Boniface goes scuba diving regularly in the sea with his owner, as ITN News reports here.


Lucy the Lucky Dachshund

by Darren Jamieson on November 2, 2009

They say that cats have nine lives, but Dachshunds must have a few as well if Lucy the Dachshund is a typical example of the dog breed. Lucy was trapped inside a badger’s sett, for six whole days, before finally being freed by firemen.

While out for a walk, Lucy darted off from her owners and found herself stuck down a badger’s sett, some eight feet under the ground. Lucy’s owners, John and Janet West, found Lucy’s mother sat next to the badger’s set wondering where her pup had gone. After trying to find Lucy in the forest, they realised that the Dachshund must have found her way down the hole in the ground.

The dog owners, from Burnley, tried everything they could to get the dog out of the hole with no luck. The RSPCA and the Forestry Commission were alerted, and then the fire department joined the hunt for Lucy. Using a snake eye camera they attempted to (more…)

Basset hounds and corgis share same ancestor

by Darren Jamieson on July 20, 2009


An article in the Telegraph stated the study is due to be published in the journal Science where scientists studied DNA from 835 dogs, 95 of which had short legs.

This new scientific discovery gives clues about the basic of evolution and how species have different physical attributes. It is hope it may even lead to new discoveries and understanding of diseases such as cancer and human dwarfism.

Reportedly, in short legged dog breeds, the growth of (more…)

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