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Cocker Spaniel Stud Dogs

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henry Cocker Spaniel Stud Dog

Henry is a stunning cocker spaniel.tall and slender.lovely nature.full of bounce.a scan had proved he has sired his first litter and they are due end of... (more)

Location: West Midlands

Stud Fee: £100

Bailey Cocker Spaniel Stud Dog

He’s a 21 month old male chocolate with a white line down the front very friendly loves to be around people and friendly with other dogs. Loves to... (more)

Location: Tyne and wear

Stud Fee: £200.00

Oscar Cocker Spaniel Stud Dog

KC name: Cadavel Immanuel Oscar General info: We have a beautiful KC Registered Show Cocker Spaniel for stud, Oscar was born 29/04/10 Sire: Galibar Diablo... (more)

Location: County Durham

Stud Fee: £150

Marley Cocker Spaniel Stud Dog

Marley is a stunning family pet who is bred from a working family. He has 17FTCH in his 5 generation pedigree which we have a certificate to prove. He... (more)

Location: Nottinghamshire

Stud Fee: £200

(Mr) Darcy Cocker Spaniel Stud Dog

Mr Darcy (KC name: Pettyvaich Spice): Age 1 year, proven stud dog, Kennel Club registered, from champion working stock with 26 FTCH in 5 generations in... (more)

Location: Ross-shire

Stud Fee: £350

jack Cocker Spaniel Stud Dog

golden dog sireing black, gold and black and tan He is OptigenA/fn clear, glaucoma clear bromfield will help people who use there dogs to find responsible... (more)

Location: Denbighshire

Stud Fee: £400

Ozzie Cocker Spaniel Stud Dog

Ozzie is a full pedigree working cocker spaniel, He is 11 months, and never sired a litter as yet! He is a loving member of the family! Fully up to date... (more)

Location: Northamptonshire

Stud Fee: £300

bromfield the gate boy Cocker Spaniel Stud Dog

optigenA,fn clear, kc/bva clear pra/glaucoma upto date morgan sires black,gold and black and tan puppies of true cocker nature [contact-form-7 404 "Not... (more)

Location: Denbighshire

Stud Fee: £400

jack Cocker Spaniel Stud Dog

Optigen A,fn clear upto date kc/bva for pra,glaucoma, Jack sires black, gold and black and tan puppies of true cocker type and temp [contact-form-7 404... (more)

Location: Denbighshire

Stud Fee: £400

Sophie Cocker Spaniel Stud Dog

I have a 2 year old black Cocker Spaniel called Toby. He is available for STUD anytime. PROVEN STUD He has mated with sproker and has been SUCCESSFUL!... (more)

Location: Somerset

Stud Fee: £100

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Finding a Cocker Spaniel stud dog in the UK

If you need help choosing a stud dog for your Cocker Spaniel, you could take advice from an experienced breeder. The Cocker Spaniel is a great dog breed, so be sure to use the best stud dogs to improve the breed with your puppies. To have a good choice of stud dogs in the UK, use our online stud dog directory to help widen your search

Breeding the Cocker Spaniel

Finding a stud dog whose qualities enhance those of your Cocker Spaniel's is important if you wish to show your pups. Breeding your Cocker Spaniel is very rewarding, but be aware that it costs time, money and a lot of effort. If you decided to breed your Cocker Spaniel for commercial gain, you may need a licence from your local authority

Breeding Cocker Spaniel puppies

Things to keep handy are towels, dental floss to tie off the umbilical cord and iodine to clean the end. Groom your Cocker Spaniel pups at an early to get them used to it, as it will become more difficult as they get older. Don't be afraid to ask any potential owners if they have the spare time to look after a Cocker Spaniel puppy
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