New website to help dog owners combat dysplasia

by Leanne Thompson on July 2, 2014

The launch of the Cornell Estimated Breeding website is predicted to help dog owners and breeders to better understand the issues surrounding hip and elbow health in some purebred dogs.

On the site, the public and stud dog breeders can (more…)

Top tips to choose a stud dog

by Mark James on September 2, 2011

If you are thinking about dog breeding, then before you do, you need to be certain that you can spare the time for this, as dog breeding involves a lot of commitment and it can become costly. However, you should never choose a stud dog just because they are free or cheap.

You are not just choosing your stud dog, you are also choosing the owner of the dog. You can also ask for (more…)

And they called it puppy love

by Leanne Thompson on June 1, 2011

A dating website has been launched with a slight difference. It’s for dogs (the canine variety, as opposed to unattractive women). The scheme, which is more of a stud dog and bitch directory site, has been set up by the Kennel Club to ensure that pedigree puppies are free from genetic problems.

Mate Select is what the Kennel Club are calling this project and they want to ‘promote in every way the general improvement of dogs and will connect pedigree dog breeders

The KC hopes the scheme will dramatically reduce the amount of inbred dogs that are (more…)

Dog breeder dies aged 85

by Darren Jamieson on May 28, 2010

One of the country’s leading stud dog breeders, Pam Heasman, passed away this week at the age of 85. Pam used to be the secretary for the Greyhound Trainers’ Association and she was a noted trainer and breeder of greyhounds. She also kept many champion greyhound stud dogs. She died this week in a Kings Lynn hospital, aged 85.

Pat Quinn, a personal friend of Pam Heasman, commented on her life this week, saying that she was:

“a lovely lady who was totally dedicated to her greyhounds”. He said her passing was the end of an era.

Pam was the last of the old school. And as my son David said, she’s probably now talking greyhounds up above with Stan Gudgin, Paddy Milligan and Noreen Collin.”

Pat Quinn said that Heasman would be remembered as one of the greatest keepers of stud dogs in the sport of greyhound racing. In 2005, Heasman was recognised for her work in the field of greyhound racing when she was (more…)

Stud dog sires twenty Labrador puppies

by Leanne Thompson on May 6, 2010

When you employ the services of a proven stud dog you know that you’re very likely going to be the proud owner of new, bouncy puppies. However, one Labrador owner from Powys, in Wales, was surprised when both of her Labrador dogs gave birth to puppies after the recent visit of Zak, one of the best Labrador stud dogs in the area.

Louise Rogers, from Powys, hired the services of the Labrador stud dog for her dog Birdie – but it seems that Zach wasn’t content with siring one litter of pups while he was there, and also fathered a second litter with her dog Betty. As a result of Zach’s potency, both Labradors were left pregnant, and both gave birth to large litters of healthy Labrador puppies.

Betty gave birth to 11 healthy puppies in March this year, and Birdie (who is also her daughter) gave birth to nine puppies just a few days later, taking the stud dog’s tally to 20 puppies in one visit. Zach spent a few days with the family in Powys over Christmas, and after he had left Mrs Rogers noticed that both dogs were showing signs of being pregnant.

Mrs Rogers commented:

We’ve got over 2000 ewes and we knew the pups would be arriving (more…)

How to prepare for your dog being on heat

by Vivien Richardson on April 27, 2010

dog in heatFemale dogs, at the grand age of 6 months, are entering the fertile time of their reproductive cycle; this cycle will continue every 6 to 8 months and can last for 2 to 3 weeks each time. It is first noticeable with a spotting of blood from the bitch.

Most female dogs do not produce much blood, and smaller breeds hardly any. However, your pet may suddenly become listless and want to wee a little more than usual, after all this is a new experience for her. If at first your dog is producing too much blood, you may want to restrict her to certain easy to clean areas in your home.

It is essential that you keep your dog away from other male dogs during this time as she will attract unwanted attention from un-castrated male dogs – not just the attention of stud dogs.

The scent that she sends out will cover a large radius and if there is a male dog near you will find your bitch will try to encourage the male dog to mount her. If your female dog has displayed no interest in male dogs before, that will (more…)

The top three most expensive stud dogs

by Darren Jamieson on April 5, 2010

Samoyed puppyHiring the services of dog breeders for stud dogs can be very expensive – but with the right stud dog your bitch can give birth to some very valuable puppies indeed. Here are some of the most expensive stud dogs that you can use in the world of dog breeding.

Samoyed; stud dogs fees cost over £700

Originating from Scandinavia, the Samoyed were used for herding reindeer. Typically they have no hunting instincts and as such are the perfect nature for being around children.

Character: Complex but friendly, intelligent, and obedient.
Typical size: Shoulder height: up to 22.50 inches
Weight: 50-65 pounds

This is a very rare breed and demands special handling (more…)

Understanding inbreeding is knowing the genealogy of bitch and stud dog

by Leanne Thompson on March 28, 2010

The issue of inbreeding between stud dogs and bitches is not entirely easy to identify, however, in order to avoid it happening it is critical that pedigree dogs that go back at least eight generations are accurately analysed.

Stud dogs that appear out-crossed, with no individual ancestor appearing more than once amongst three generations of pedigree, may descend from only four of the same dogs, and are therefore likely to be highly inbred.

Coefficient inbreeding is the percentage estimate of all variable gene pairs which are homozygous (identical), due to the inheritance of common ancestors. Coefficients pinpoint key ancestors which feature any inbreeding and provide estimates of their overall genetic contribution.

The breeding and mating of an unrelated half-brother stud dog and their half-sister produces inbreeding co-efficiency of 12.5%, whilst stud dogs and bitches that are brother and sister or father and daughter will produce (more…)

Understand your dog’s breed before choosing stud dogs

by Leanne Thompson on March 23, 2010

dog-breedingOne of the most important aspects of dog breeding is when it comes to choosing the perfect stud dog, or ‘sire’, for your litter of puppies.

Expert advice is always helpful for understanding your dog breed and an understanding of her strengths and weaknesses will ensure you have the knowledge necessary to make informed dog breeding decisions.

If it’s not possible to spend time with your bitch’s original breeder then it will be necessary to gather breed information and closely analyse your bitch’s positive and negative points. There are many experts in dog breeding and it is always a good idea to speak to your vet to see if they could suggest an expert breeder for a stud dog.

Look at the attributes of your breed. Typically, your bitch’s qualities requiring consideration will include her physical features such as her top line, rear angulations, coat texture, temperament, as well as (more…)

How to find stud dogs in the UK

by Darren Jamieson on March 21, 2010

puppies-brown-white-on-blanketThe first step toward locating premium stud dogs is to know the reputation of their dog breeder.

When choosing the right stud dogs for dog breeding, one of the first priorities is to make sure the breeder chosen is official and reputable and whose primary concerns are with raising their stud dogs to be in the best health, with happy and calm temperaments.

Local veterinary practices prove good places to start enquiries for reputable dog breeders because local vets will be treating stud dogs and puppies regularly, as well as meeting their breeders. A vet will know if the dog breeder has the necessary dedication required to ensure their stud dogs are in the best health and have gentle temperaments.

The behaviour and temperament of stud dogs is testimony not only to their genetics, but also to the breeder’s ability at rearing and caring for them. The best stud dogs are those with both aforementioned attributes because the health and temperament of stud dogs directly impacts on (more…)

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