Top tips to choose a stud dog

If you are thinking about dog breeding, then before you do, you need to be certain that you can spare the time for this, as dog breeding involves a lot of commitment and it can become costly. However, you should never choose a stud dog just because they are free or cheap.

You are not just choosing your stud dog, you are also choosing the owner of the dog. You can also ask for references and always see the stud dog at their home in the flesh.

You need to ensure that the dog has a good temperament, confident and healthy. The dog must be well socialised and be happy. All stud dogs should be at least two years age.

There are some breeds that suffer with certain heath problems, so do your research prior to breeding. Some of these health problems can occur due to excessive breeding and cause unnecessary suffering of the animal.

If he is a pedigree stud dog, then they should be micro chipped and the dogs lineage can be traced back as far as several generations. It is important that you research this to ensure that you avoid close mating or in breeding.

The owner of the stud should also be willing to sign a written contract and also give you a receipt for the stud service. You must also agree if the mating fails what will happen next, for example, a second attempt without a fee.

The mating process should always be under supervision and a good stud dog who knows exactly what to do.