A game to stop your dog from barking

When your puppy starts to listen to other dogs barking and making a noise, he may think he has to follow their example. This is a natural reaction for dogs, and it can make it difficult for you when you’re training your puppy not to bark.

One of the main worries dog owners have with any puppy or adult dog is what the neighbours will say when the dog starts to bark. This is especially true with a new puppy as their bark starts off at a much higher pitch.

Stopping a dog barking altogether is quite unfair as a dog does need to express themselves with a bark once in a while; however, controlling a dog’s barking is easier than you think.

Taking your dog out for a long walk, or exercising him in the nearby park or grassland, will use up some of his pent up energy. Energy that has been building up has to have an outlet, especially with a puppy or dog that has been left on his own all day.

One of the ways a dog will try to seek your attention is by whimpering. Upon realising that you are ignoring him, the noise will turn into a bark until you give way and he receives some of your time and attention.

Once your dog realises this action works, he will think he has found a new game that he can play with you. As soon as your dog barks to let you know that he wants something, such as a treat or to go out, he knows has discovered another way to get your attention.

However, if you praise your dog for letting you know that he wants to go out and do not praise him for barking, by turning round and ignoring him, he will soon get the message. If your dog barks for something, even if it’s for something that you were about to give him, do not respond to it. You should never give in to a barking dog or he will continue to bark.

After all, who is training who?