Adele’s pet dog papped as it poops

Photo by Photo Agency

Singer Adele has lamented the price of fame, and revealed that her fans will do anything to get their hands on memorabilia, especially when she is out walking her dog.

For the majority of us, walking a pet dog is a pleasurable pastime; you both get important exercise and plenty of fresh air. However, for 22 year old singer Adele, things can quickly turn sinister.

In an interview with red top rag The Sun, she recounted how a group of people following her broke out their cameras and mobile phones when her pet had to relieve itself. She said:

“The other day I was up north and there were these – well, I don’t think they were fans actually, they were like eBayers.”

“I’d be at the venue, they’d be there. I’d leave the venue and they’d be there. Then they started taking pictures of my dog doing a s*** and stuff like that. It was really weird.”

Had she not cleaned up after her dog, it’s possible that its poop could have found its way onto the auction site.

AdeleAdele, who’s latest album ‘21’ has sold more than 200,000 copies and topped the charts, is thankful that she is not in the glare of the media as much as other singers.

She said:

“’I was just thinking, imagine being someone like Cheryl Cole or Katy Perry or Gaga, where you’ve got to be conniving to have a normal day.”

However, she admitted that she didn’t think that she was the kind of singer to whom that would happen.

Note: This was a story about a papped pooping dog, not Papa Bouba Diop – the former Fulham and Portsmouth footballer.