Basic dog grooming tips for you

There are many professional dog groomers you can call on should your pooch need some attention and pampering. Some parts of dog grooming can be tricky, for example, your dog may have a particular coat that needs attention or is difficult to handle, or you may not feel confident with some tasks, which mean you need to call on and pay for the services of a professional. For instance, cutting your dog’s nails can be tricky as cutting them too short can cause them to bleed – it may be best to leave this to dog groomers or even the vet.

However, there are some basics to dog grooming that will require attention unless you plan on taking your dog to a dog groomer on a weekly basis – which could be costly and inconvenient. Brushing your dog often should keep your dog’s skin healthy by stimulating the skin’s oils. It will also prevent the dog’s coat from matting and eliminate the dead hair in the coat. Not only this, but the dog will learn to enjoy this and so it’s a great way for you to show your dog some affection and attention.

Bathing your dog regularly using shampoos and conditioners especially for dogs is also recommended to avoid fleas and to help wash away any shedding hair. Be careful with the temperature of the water and also with water getting into their ears, but do not let this put you off keeping your dog clean as this is essential to their well-being.

A top tip: to stop your dog from shaking himself in the bath when you aren’t ready for it, hold the fur between his shoulder blades just below the neck on the back.