Buying a dog crate

Many people may feel that they do not want to put their pet into a dog crate, but a security cage can be a very important accessory to buy for your pet. It can give your furry companion a safe place to go whether inside or outside of the house and also provides you with a safe means to transport your pet should you need to take the dog out by vehicle.

When used in the right way, security cages can have a calming influence on your pet. Do not use a crate or cage to ‘store’ your dog. This is not a place to put your dog every time you leave the house or go to bed. The space is too small for your dog to spend extraordinarily long periods of time and they can begin to feel trapped inside it. However, a crate can give your pet a private space to go to when they feel like they want some quiet time. When the dog wants some refuge from busy family life, ensure that they have a good sized crate which allows them plenty of comfort and somewhere to move around as well as rest.

If you decide to buy a crate for a puppy, remember that the pet is likely to grow a lot in the first few months and you may not wish to change the crate often. You can put a divider panel into a larger crate so as not to overwhelm the puppy until it grows into the crate.