Car thieves caught by police dogs

In a scene reminiscent from an episode of Scooby Doo, some car thieves in Croydon, Surrey, would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for those meddling dogs. The car thieves were chased by police dogs in Tooting Bec in Croydon last week after they abandoned their stolen car. The thieves set off on foot, hurdled a fence and were pursued by two police dogs.

Two of the thieves were apprehended by the dogs, but the other thieves escaped capture.

An eye witness described the event:

The police were running around like headless chickens. They didn’t have a police car so they sent for the dogs.

The dogs were really quiet, but then 10 minutes later we heard this man shouting, ‘Get the dog off me, I’ll come out’.

The car thieves stole a Volkswagen Polo in Croydon last Wednesday when they were pursued by the police and the dogs. A police helicopter would have been scrambled had the car not been abandoned and the dogs captured two of the thieves, saving the taxpayer even more money.

Both of the car thieves were released on bail.