Chihuahua makes miraculous recovery

chihuahua-and-horseOne lucky little Chihuahua made a miraculous recovery after she was stepped on by her best friend, Clydesdale horse weighing 900 kilos.

Cheeky little Berry the Chihuahua pictured here was playing with her best friend, a 900 kg Clydesdale horse named Leroy when the huge horse accidentally stepped back onto Berry’s little head.

Berry’s owner, Abbey Newton, who lives close to Melbourne in Australia told the papers:

“Leroy stepped back, right on her head. There was just this little tiny bit of her nose sticking out. I thought she was dead. There was this horrible high-pitched screaming noise. It was terrible.”

Mrs Newton took Berry to the vet immediately and the vet offered to put the Chihuahua to sleep but Mrs Newton decided to take her back to die at home. She checked on the little dog on an hourly basis all through the night and was amazed in the morning to see that Berry appeared to have recovered completely.

Mrs Newton added:

“In the morning she just got up and ate the other dog’s breakfast. She’s had nine lives and it’s cost me every time.”

That’s one lucky little Chihuahua.


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