Chihuahua returned thanks to DNA tests

A lost pooch has been found and reunited with his owner after a DNA test revealed his identity.

In June, Ruth Parker attended a Peak District horse fair with her blue Chihuahuas, Alfie and Roxy. The long-haired dogs were swiped by dognappers at the event, leaving the 50-year-old to mourn the loss of her beloved companions.

Mrs Parker, who lives in Coseley near Dudley, said the incident occurred when the dogs, which cost £500 each, were snoozing in a horse box.

Shocked and heartbroken, she did everything in her power to track down her pets. Speaking about the unexpected incident she said:

“When they were taken, it was like losing a member of my family.”

Immediately after the thieves struck, she phoned Cumbria police and the RSPCA. Unfortunately, the dogs hadn’t been micro-chipped, which meant it was difficult to trace them. Despite this, a few months later Mrs Parker stumbled across a Facebook page dedicated to Chihuahua owners. Listed on the site was an advertisement for Alfie, who had been renamed Jasper. The new owner was based in Wakefield in Yorkshire and paid just £100 for the dog.

Mrs Parker then forked out £350 for a DNA test to confirm the dog’s identity. She says it was money well spent after the tests, which were completed in America, proved the dog was in fact hers. The pooch was recently reunited with his owner and her other Chihuahua, Ronnie.

Unfortunately, Roxy is yet to be found and Mrs Parker is continuing on her mission to find her.