Lost puppy is reunited with owner after Rottweiler finds her

An 18-week-old puppy named Ava has made a life-long friendship after Tasha, a Rottweiler who is cared for by the same owner, tracked her down after she went missing. Joanna Glover, a 24-year-old from Hamilton, had recently taken the puppy into her care. During an afternoon stroll with both dogs and her partner Martin McCusker, Ava ran out of sight.

Ava, who is a Japanese Chin mixed with a Bolognese, left her owner and residents fearing for the worst after a hunt that stretched into the night failed to deliver any positive results. The frightening experience took place between 31st March and 1st April, leaving Joanna, her partner and other dog Tasha to worry through the entire weekend.

Speaking about the incident, Joanna said:

“We were at Chatelherault Country Park when a jogger went by and Ava chased him.”

On Saturday 31st March, dog walkers in Chatelherault Country Park caught sight of Ava. Despite the discovery, Ava was rather shaken up after enduring the evening in the cold and could not be recovered, which resulted in the hunt being postponed until the Sunday. 1st April was the day to celebrate thanks to Joanna’s pet Rottweiler Tasha recognising the scent of the young puppy. Upon this finding, Tasha led her owner to a spot where Ava was concealed near some trees.

Although the rare-breed dog has only recently been brought into this world, she did not let the experience scare her. Instead, Ava rejoiced with her owner and new-found friend Tasha, while wolfing down some well-deserved dog treats.