Collie cross nominated for Hero Dog award

A four-year-old collie cross named Zak, who previously salvaged the life of a pensioner from the Hampshire area, has been entered as a candidate for the Dogs Trust Honours Awards. The title Zak will be competing for is the Hero Dog award, which reflects his bravery as a full-time rescue dog. Although many courageous canines have been nominated for the award, the collie cross is a solitary rescue dog who will be battling against many fire service and police dogs. The nomination arose in June 2011 when a Fleet-based investigation for the uncovering of a 73-year-old male turned out to be prosperous.

Kevin Saunders from Bitterne Park in Southampton is the owner of Zak and recently spoke about the distressing situation in which an elderly man with Parkinson’s disease got lost while leaving his home. Speaking of the incident, Kevin said:

“Sadly, he left his home for a newspaper and simply didn’t return. Zak and the rescue team searched Hampshire for three days. He picked up the scent leading him to the gentleman who thankfully survived.”

This achievement has led to his place in the competition and now time will tell whether or not Zak will be crowned the winner, after participating in over 50 voluntary searches. The Dogs Trust Honours Awards ceremony takes place on 21st May 2012, meaning that every vote the collie cross receives leading up to this time is crucial. Zak, Kevin and many other dogs and their owners will flock to The Honourable Artillery Company in the city of London on this date to discover who will claim victory.