Dogs left in hot car freed by Police

Dog owner Matthew James Evans was fined this week for leaving his two Labrador dogs suffering in his car on a baking hot day in May this year. He received a £150 fine, £235 legal costs and was forced to stump up £1,414 in boarding costs for the two dogs. He claimed he didn’t realise that the dogs were in danger, even though the temperature was 28 degrees.

The dogs were found by the RSPCA in his Renault Scenic, with the sun beating down on the car. The two dogs had no water, and were panting very heavily.

Police then broke into his car and freed the two dogs, which were then taken away into boarding.

According to a vet, the dogs could have died in the car in as little as twenty minutes.

The judge told Matthew James Evans that he would have the dogs returned to him because his partner (who was described as morbidly obese) relied on the dogs for her exercise.

The dogs will be returned as your partner relies on them for exercise and depriving you of the dogs would deprive her too.

Responsible dog owners should never leave their dogs in the car on a hot day.