Don’t leave your dog at home, take them to work!

Does your dog resent being left at home when you go to work? Do they stare at you longingly as you leave for the day, wishing they could go with you, giving you the old guilt trip?

Worry no more, because next month, Wednesday September 17th, is Take Your Dog to Work Day!!!

You shouldn’t have a hard time convincing your boss to allow you to bring your dog to work either, as it’s all for charity; The Blue Cross to be precise. Plus, if you’re worried that your dog might not last the full working day without wanting to misbehave, the Blue Cross are also offering tips on training your dog for their first day at work.

The website contains video clips on how to train your dog for the working day ahead.

If you’ve not heard of the Take Your Dog to Work Day, shame on you as this is the thirteenth year the scheme has been running. Last year saw over 1,000 dogs attend the workplace in places such as TV studios and schools, so your workplace should be fine, wherever it is.

You can do your bit for charity by seeking sponsorship for you and your dog, which will help homeless and abandoned animals throughout the UK. You can signup on the website at and look forward to a great day’s work with your dog.


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