English Bulldog stud dog service goes wrong

A family in America who tried to use their English Bulldog as a stud dog have found their dreams have turned into nightmares. Their English Bulldog, Turk, was to have earned them $3,000 for his services, as that’s the going rate for British Bulldogs as stud dogs, however they have yet to receive their dog back from the dog breeder who was using him.

Turk’s owner, Jodi Szaefer, went to pick her dog up at the end of January but when they arrived at the dog breeder’s home, instead of receiving their stud dog back, they were threatened and asked to leave. Jodi says that the threats were made in front of her children, all of whom are very young, with the eldest being just six years old.

Jodi Szaefer alleges that her stud dog has been used by the dog breeder for numerous studding activities with different breeders, and now ownership of the dog is being disputed.

Turk is registered with the Canadian Kennel Club, and he is also microchipped, so his ownership can be proven.

Jodi Szaefer has also made a complaint against the police because they didn’t reclaim the dog when they investigated, despite his ownership being easy to prove.


  • I cannot believe this. Report to the Canadian Kennel Ass. Press charges as well. Keep all documentation regarding both your original purchase papers, kennel papers, get the dogs breeder involved or the store or people you bought the dog from involved. Bring them to court. Get the B.B.B. involved.

    Please let me know who these people are, I do not want to do business or buy a puppy from them.

  • Hope they get their dog back. Hopefully the breeder gets arrested.

    There is a reason most stud owners require the bitch comes to them. Hopefully they get paid for all the stud dog services that were provided if not they could just deny registration.

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