Essential feeding tips for a puppy

A new puppy is an excitable little pet that bobs about on the floor in your kitchen or living room until his little legs are strong enough for him to run. Feeding him puppy food full of quality ingredients, with a mix of essential amino acids and other valuable minerals, will see him quickly grow into an adult dog with strong bones, lean muscles, a pair of bright inquisitive eyes and a shiny coat.

Right from the time your puppy makes himself at home, a well loved member of your family, it is important to set in place a daily routine. Meals should be given in small portions, at regular intervals, taking time to let him out of the house to a small allocated area in the garden for him to relieve himself.

Good food, daily exercise and regular playtime are an essential part of any puppy, and adult dog’s lifestyle. However, when an adult dog grows into middle age, if his daily routine of exercise has lapsed and he is still eating larger portions of dog food then his health could be at risk.

The result is the onset of middle age spread, and more time spent at the vets paying for essential healthcare. A dog at any age needs exercise, food should be apportioned to your pet’s age and his teeth should be kept in good order. Teeth in bad condition may contribute to him having bad breath and suffering from indigestion.

A senior dog may walk slower when you take him out but he will still enjoy the time he spends with you, allowing him to savour the different smells and scents nearby.